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The reform of personal tax is conducive to expanding the proportion of middle-income earners, optimizing the pattern of income distribution, and improving the enthusiasm of workers to work and innovate and start businesses. In the process of promoting the reform of personal tax, the multi-coordinated pattern of tax co-governance has been strengthened.


Many experts said that the reform of personal tax cannot be separated from the active cooperation of the majority of taxpayers.While the tax authorities are making every effort to ensure that the policies fall to the ground, the majority of personal tax taxpayers should pay close attention to the relevant information, timely processing, good faith declaration, and jointly contribute personal strength to the optimization of the personal tax system in China -


“As of December 2019, our company's employee tax is down nearly 71% year-on-year. Wu hailian, head of finance at zhejiang longyou rural commercial bank, said that the accumulative withholding method stipulated by the state administration of taxation not only allows employees to enjoy the tax reduction dividend completely, but also calculates the tax payable at the end of the year very accurately, greatly reducing the time and economic cost of re-accounting.


The new personal income tax law is officially implemented on January 1,2019. In the past year, the public has benefited from such reform measures as raising the \"threshold \", adjusting the tax rate table, increasing special additional deductions and implementing the cumulative withholding law. In the implementation of the new personal income tax law \"one year \", the economic daily reporter interviewed a number of representatives of enterprise units and industry experts, jointly\" aftertaste \"the results of the reform of personal tax in China over the past year.


Zhang Li, a worker in the packing workshop of Shandong Jingong Group, said the personal tax was quite touching:\" Our workshop front-line workers have a monthly salary of about 6000 yuan, originally need to pay personal tax, now'starting point' is high, can deduct more items, some colleagues do not have to pay tax. It's a national benefit to have a lot of money in your hands and work hard.


Zhejiang Zhongguang Electric Appliance Co. Ltd., located in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, is an air energy heat pump production and sales enterprise. Li Lang is part of the company's research team. He made a comparison with his salary in the same month of two years: the salary income of 9562 yuan in September 2018, according to the personal tax policy before the reform, the actual payment of personal tax yuan; the salary income yuan in September 2019, the actual payment of personal tax yuan, a decrease of% year-on-year. After 12 months of personal tax reform, li lang has already paid less than 5500 yuan.


\"We've got higher wages and fewer taxes, and reform has put more of our income in our pockets, which has given us more confidence in the future,\" Li said.


Zhang Bin, a researcher at the Institute of Financial and Strategic Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview with the Economic Daily:\" The new personal income tax law has initially established a tax system model that combines comprehensiveness and classification, and introduced a special additional deduction system for'differentialization', thus establishing a direct tax link between the government and natural person taxpayers, laying a basic institutional framework for modern personal income tax, which is of great significance in the history of tax reform in China.


According to the State Administration of Taxation: in the first three quarters of 2019, the personal income tax reform added 442.6 billion yuan in tax reduction, with a cumulative per capita tax reduction of 1764 yuan. The reduction of personal income tax directly increases the income of residents and improves the consumption ability of residents. In the first three quarters of 2019, the sales revenue of the living services industry, which reflects the vitality of residents'consumption, grew by%, while the revenue of Internet wholesale and retail sales rose by% year-on-year, respectively, above the growth rate of three-production sales and one percentage point.


“The reform of individual tax is conducive to expanding the proportion of middle-income earners, optimizing the pattern of income distribution and enhancing the enthusiasm of workers in their work, innovation and entrepreneurship." Mao Jie, head of the Department of Finance and Taxation of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade, told reporters that according to statistics, taxpayers with an average monthly income of less than 20,000 yuan after the reform of personal tax increase the rate of tax reduction by more than%; taxpayers with a monthly income of less than 10,000 yuan enjoy special additional deductions for the education of the elderly and children, and basically do not need to pay personal tax.


In the vast number of taxpayers happy experience behind the tax dividend, innovation, scientific withholding play a vital supporting role, it is the cumulative withholding method.


The State Administration of Taxation issued the \"Measures for the Administration of individual income tax withholding declaration (trial)\" at the end of 2018 to make it clear that when withholding agents pay wages and salary income to individual residents, they should calculate the withholding tax in accordance with the accumulated withholding method, and handle the full withholding declaration of the whole staff on a monthly basis.


“In order to make the monthly accumulated withholding tax as close as possible to the full year's tax payable, and to reduce the tax burden on the second year's settlement of the tax payable by the taxpayer, the accumulated withholding tax has been applied." Zhang Bin introduced that the cumulative withholding method is to use the accumulated salary income from the beginning of the year to the month, minus the balance of the accumulated various deductions, a method of calculating the advance tax against the annual tax rate table. For taxpayers who have only one unit of payroll income in the consolidated income project, the accuracy of the accumulated withholding of tax in advance according to this method is high, which can minimize the burden of taxpayer settlement.


Zhang said:\" the monthly tax payable according to this method also has the characteristics of'low at the beginning of the year and high at the end of the year'.


Zhang Shaohong, chairman and general manager of Dalian Xinhua Tax Office Co., Ltd., said:\" Using the accumulated withholding method to calculate the tax payable, the tax prepaid is relatively close to the actual tax payable, so that taxpayers can fully enjoy the tax reduction dividend, and also reduce the burden of annual settlement. This approach benefits taxpayers, withholding agents and tax authorities.


Ms. Cao, who works for Fujian's Fenghua law firm, told reporters that the previous monthly tax, due to the monthly wage differences, individual months of the application of high tax rates, pay more taxes. In 2019 under the cumulative withholding method, not only the annual tax payment is much less, the flow of capital is also obviously rich, the equivalent of allowing us to \"consume ahead of time \".


Zhang Qun, financial manager of Dongping Power Supply Company of Tai'an City, Shandong Province, said:\" under the accumulative withholding method, the annual personal tax payment shows a trend of low before and after, from the point of view of cash flow, the taxpayer can obtain the'time value' of the currency, which is equivalent to providing a small'interest-free loan' to the taxpayer, which helps the taxpayer to save the cost of money to a certain extent.


With the landing of the new personal tax law, the special additional deduction, the accumulative withholding method and the annual settlement of the income from the upcoming comprehensive personal tax have become new things for the public, and also constitute a new test for the tax department. The tax departments at all levels have taken active action to ensure that the reform of personal tax is carried out in a down-to-earth manner through systematic efforts.


After the introduction of the new tax policy, zhejiang tax authorities out: organize \"face-to-face\" special counseling,\" point-to-point \"expert services, the deployment of business backbone to personal tax post, set up a team of policy guidance tax experts. At the same time also held \"walk enterprises, listen to demands\" activities, door-to-door to key enterprises to provide \"one-to-one\" guidance. In the special line consultation, increase the number of lines, additional personnel, the province's business backbone to form a team of experts to enrich the 12366 line, quick response to taxpayers and withholding units raised various questions.

  “每个月工资都差不多,为什么这个月扣的个税比上个月多了?”2019年,上海市税务部门12366热线接到不少市民类似咨询。为此,上海市税务部门通过“线上 线下”方式,举办专题政策培训,上门走访调研,开设咨询专窗,点对点推送政策问答,开展重点精准辅导,细心帮助对累计预扣法存在疑惑的纳税人和扣缴义务人。

“The monthly salary is almost the same. Why is there more tax deduction this month than last month?" In 2019, the Shanghai tax department's 12366 hotline received similar consultation from many citizens. To this end, the shanghai tax authorities through the "online and offline" way, organized special policy training, on-site visits to research, open a special consultation window, point-to-point push policy questions and answers, focus on accurate guidance, careful to help taxpayers and withholding agents who have doubts about the cumulative withholding law.


In the process of promoting the reform of personal tax, the multi-coordinated pattern of tax co-governance has been strengthened. For example, tax authorities at various levels in Hainan Province actively use local governments, United front departments, chambers of commerce and other forces to organize seminars and special lectures on private enterprises to answer the hot issues of personal tax concern to the representatives of enterprises, so as to ensure that taxpayers enjoy their full dividends.


From March 1 to June 30,2020, China's personal tax payers will have their first annual settlement. Recently, the Notice of the State Administration of Taxation on Handling the Settlement of the Comprehensive Income Tax Proceeds for the Year 2019 was officially announced, widely absorbing public opinions and making every effort to ensure the convenience of operation. For example, when handling the annual remittance, taxpayers generally only need to submit the annual remittance return, and the tax authorities will provide the pre-filling service of the relevant data of the return according to certain rules, so as to minimize the workload of the taxpayer to fill out the return.

  各地也积极行动,早作准备。申洲集团在宁波地区有员工4万多人,办理年度汇算时可能遇到的问题会多一些。对此,宁波市税务部门已经针对该企业制定了工作方案,计划组建由“业务科室 主管税务所 涉税专业服务机构”组成的“个人所得税汇算专家团”,采取“驻点 在线”解答的方式,及时解决问题。

All over the world also active, early preparation. Shenzhou group has more than 40,000 employees in ningbo area, the annual settlement may encounter more problems. To this end, ningbo city tax department has already worked out the work plan for this enterprise, plan to set up a \"personal income tax remittance expert group\" composed of \"professional service organization in charge of tax in charge of business section \", adopt the way of\" stop point online \"to solve the problem in time.


Wang weiqing, academic member of the china international tax research association, believes that the annual income tax remittance for individuals, withholding agents, tax authorities and collection and management system are all new things to face for the first time.


A number of experts said that the reform of personal tax cannot be separated from the active cooperation of the majority of taxpayers, while the tax authorities to ensure that the policy landing, the majority of personal tax taxpayers should pay close attention to relevant information, timely processing, good faith declaration, and jointly contribute to the optimization of the personal tax system in China. (Reporter)